DAILY SPRING May 2nd 012.


May 2nd 2012


"So Ahab sent unto all the children of Isreal,and gathered the prophets together unto mount Carmel.And Elijah came unto all the people,and said,how long halt ye between two opinions? If the Lord [be] God,follow Him;but if baal [then]follow him.And the people answered him not a word (1 18 v 20-21)
When the idolatry of Isreal and the wickedness of King Ahab continued ununabated,Elijah knew that repentance was not in sight and subsequently called for judgement.Judgement was the only way out since the people had wholly turned their hearts against the Lord God of Isreal.
God gave Elijah a Word.Rain and dew had ceased in Isreal for almost three and a half years.Just the way he was commanded to decree drought,so he was commanded to reverse it(1 Kings 18 v 1),but Elijah knew what God best desired. He then gave conditions for peace. The much awaited rain would not come until the land was cleansed. All parties in the land must gather in a concert of power and the people must personally decide the God they would follow. Ahab,Baal and Asherah prophets were the agents of destabilization and confusion,they must openly prove the strenght of their gods.
The people of Isreal were the direct victims and audience,they must witness the concert and decide which God they must serve.
Today,no matter the threat, to your life and destiny,the threat of evil in your country,stand firm on the whole truth of God's word and do all you can to prove that God those not fight by numbers but by the faith of the righteous on Him.
Never get threatened from speaking the hard truth,because you seem to be alone among serious oppositions.Elijah did it and I know you can do it. Scriptures says,"Elijah was a man like us". We can do what he did. The same Spirit of God in Elijah is in you.
The rain shall come but all defenders must be brought to book.I see God visit every evil working against you with a view to restoring back your past blessings and glory.
1) Pray for the cleansing of your life and father's house from all unrighteousness and demonic invention.
2) Almighty God,today ,locate,break and destroy anything planted in my life and father's house,causing disunity,setback and shame,in Jesus Christ name.
3) Almighty God,arise ,judge every hand behind the woes in my life and in my father's house and restore our lost,glory,in Jesus Christ name.Amen

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