Daily Spring,April 22nd 2012

April 22nd 2012

"Then Samuel took a flask of oil and poured it on his head,and kissed him and said: Is it not because the Lord has anointed you commander over His inheritance?"(1Samuel 10 v 1)

In Gods plan,destiny is designed and created to meet needs. In marriage couples are designed to meet the need of each other. Beloved of God we are born to meet needs...We ar...e answers to the cry of the world!
At times,people might consider us liabilities because of some situations in our lives but the truth is we are not liabilities in any way but the answer to the needs of a dying world. In 2012,answers shall be delivered to our lives and homes.Answers shall meet answers in every aspects of our lives. In Saul,Samuel did not see a man looking for an ass but he saw a captain of the Lords inheritance. The true and real you shall be seen and discovered by others from today! This is our year of supernatural exploit. We will find answers and solutions this year to every pressing issue of life.
Saul left home to look for what was missing and only to walk into his destiny. What we are looking for will become a channel of Gods peace and good news to our lives. Things will always happen so God can have His next agenda because He has the final word.As long as we are following God,what we find ourselves doing becomes our link to our next divine agenda.Every word that Saul received from Samuel changed his status on earth because they were from God.
As we have being sent by God,we are His responsibilities. This year ,beginning from today,people will ask us to name our desires! We will meet people that will be relevant to our purpose and assignment in Christ.
Like Saul,we are the chosen of the Lord,approved of the Lord and accepted by the people. Wisdom demands we live therefore daily in the consciousness of the Hand that made us. It is foolishness to keep bad company because of opposition. Do all you can to keep the company of Gods people,no matter what may come your way in life. It takes God to sustain our destinies in this troubled world. Because of divine attraction and divine destiny,it was not the same Saul that left his house that returned to his house. This is our season and year of transformation and manifestation!

1) Give me a burden Oh God to reach out to the needy in and out of the body of Christ with your love in Jesus Christ name.
2)Energy sappers and time wasters that has infiltrated my life and vision,your time is up! Let the fire of God put you on the run now in Jesus Christ name.
3) This year and from now Mighty God,connect me to the company of people that will add value to my life and help me fulfil my divine assignment on earth in Jesus Christ name,amen!

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