April 08th 2012


'"But he sai to them, Do not be alarmed. You seek Jesus of Nazareth,who was crucified. He is risen! He is not here,see the place where they laid Him". (Mark 16 v 6).

SING: He is Lord,He is Lord,amen.He is risen from the dea,He is Lord! Every knee shall bow ,ever tongue confess,that Jesus Christ is the Lord!

SING: Because He lives,I can face tomorrow.Because He lives,all fear is gone.Because I know -o-o-o,He hold my future;my life is worth a living just because He lives.

God is faithful to honor His Word. He raised Jesus from the dead as He promised and as Jesus prophesied unto His own life.The grave is the Land of no return.

It is a place of scarcity,no light,no help can be receieved or given.It is a land of bitterness as we will not see those loved ones again.

Any power of darkness that

threatens a child of God,beloved of Christ,risks his domain,cause it will be destroyed.Any evil power fighting us has actually signed 'at owner's risk' because when you put your hands to the fire,you will get burnt.

The prophecy of Christ's greatness was a problem to the Jews so they placed hefty men on the entrance of the grave. No maater the strategy,when God takes over,it will be destroyed an whoever that enemy is not relevant. God changes our siuations for good without any negociations.

When Christ rose as proclaimed,an angel of God replaced the dead guards.Today,by virtue of his finished work of Christ,we have being redeemed from spells,curses,sebacks and every evil yokes of life. Again today,whatever hat has blocked us out of the scene and relevance shall give way in Jesus Christ name. The power in the blood of Chris shall make a case for and in all tha is our's or that concerns us!

By God's grace,in this 2012,we will come out of obscurity and begin to make marks that will glorify God and suprise many! We will be great...yet again and fulfill our dreams!


1) In the name of Jesus Christ,I re-dedicate my life to you Almighty God and believe you are able to redeem my destiny and raise me from dead situations to life ,from nobody to somebody through Christ. I am saved,delivered and resurected from poverty to prosperity,captivity to victory and sickness to health.

2)By faith I speak to every grave that has being holding anything that belongs to me to vomit them now in Jesus Christ name,amen!

3) I declare my resurection from the bondage of darkness and into the shinning light of God in Jesus Christ name,amen.

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