April 3rd 2012


"These are the scriptures that testify about me"(John 5 v 39)

Here are two compelling reasons for saturating our mind with the Scriptures:

1) To know who God is : One day in a school, a little girl was asked by her art teacher what she was drawing. 'A picture of God' she replied. The teacher said, 'But nobody has ever seen God'. Confidently,the girl replied,'They will when i am finished!'. Till Jesus Christ came,all we had were glimpses of God. Then Christ announced,"He that has seen me,has seen the Father"(John 14 v9). If we want to know who God is,what He thinks and how He acts,start spending more time with Jesus Christ.

2)To know who you are: When God called Moses to deliver Isreal,Moses told God two things: a)'When I...say to them ,The God of your fathers has sent me to you,and they say to me,what is His name? What shall I say...? God said to Moses..."say...I AM has sent me to you"(Exodus 3 v 13-14). In other to know who you are,you must know who God is,then and only then will you have credibility, confidence,direction and purpose.

b)"But suppose they will not believe..." So the Lord said to him,"What is that in your hands?" He said,"A rod." And God said,"cast it on the ground". So he cast it on the ground and it became a serpent" (Exodus 4 v1-3).Moses already had what he needed,he just didn't recognise it or know how to use it until God showed him. Getting it down well bloved? in other to know who you are and who God is,you must have frequent encounters with Him.


1) OH God help me to present Christ to the people the way that will bring glory and honor to Him in Jesus Christ name.

2)Open my spiritual and physical eyes Mighty God that I might see the 'rod'in my hands in Jesus Christ name.

3) Everyday of my life on earth I give to you Holy Spirit,fill me with knowledge of who I am and whose I am in Jesus Christ name,amen.

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