April 07 2012


"And the graves were opened;and many bodies of the saints who were raised"(Mathew 27 v 52)

When Christ died,it was a fulfilment of divine agenda. When He died,the veil that partitioned the holy of holies was rent into two from top to bottom,thereby destroying the religious barrier that had separated us from God.

The veil was cut so that we,by covenant,can access His presence to enter the grave where destiny treasureshave been buried. His death was designed to give us access to the grave so that the power of Hades can be broken.He went to Hades to rescue the saints in there and make it impossible for the living saints to see Hades any longer. Christ had earlier prophesied,"Do not marvel at this for the hour is coming in which all who are in the graves will hear His voice and come forth - those who have done good to the resurection of life, and those who have done evil to the resurection of condemnation" (John 5 v 28 - 29).

God says what He will do and what He will do,He says it. We as believers must know that we being an extension of God,we must proclaimm what we believe. Light must reveal the contents of darkness. I mean that the empttiness of darkness can only be revealed by the force of light. Jesus said, "I am the light of the world" and so He visited the grave,a place of Hades,the stronghold of darkness. By this visit,He fought, won and recovered the authority that the devil stole from Adam and redeemed the destiny of man into the programme of God. The grave usually signifies spiritually,a place of demonic alter that ties destinies of many.Today,Jesus Christ will visit the graves and pull out alive anything God has designed to enhance our destinies.

A song writer wrote:

He paid the debts He did not owe

I owe the debt,I could not pay,

I needed someoneto wash my sins away

Now I can sing a brand new song amazing grace.

Lord Jesus paid the debt that I could never pay!

He has fought the battles of our lives and won! Just believe now and live in faith. Peace!!!


1) In the name of Jesus Christ,I died when He died,I entered the grave when He entered,I resurected when He resurected. I have being redeemed by the power of the grave,I am at liberty and my destiny is escured in Him.

2)By the grace of God,Jesus Christ has paid the price for my salvation and redemption;from poverty,sickness,witchcraft and all kinds of wickedness.Therefore,II shall not suffer any more. I am free,rich and healthy in Jesus Christ name.

3) I command every grave to vomit every of my treasures that it holds in Jesus Christ name,amen!

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