April 6th 2012

As we celebrate Easter which is all about the perfected and finished work of Christ ,lets take time out and energize our angels as we do some warfare prayers and allow God bring us out and into our glorious destinies in Christ. It is a time of reinforcing our victory in Christ over every situation and conditions of our lives.


"Let God arise ,let His enemies be scattered :let them also that hate Hi flee before Him. As smoke is driven away , so drive them away :as wax melteth before the fire ,so let the wicked perish at the presence of God. But let the righteous be glad ; let them rejoice before God : yea, let them exceedingly rejoice". (Psalm 68 v 1-3)


1)      Evil hands disturbing the program of God for my life , wither and die in Jesus Christ name.

2)      Every battle I inherited from my parents ,receive divine intervention by God in Jesus Christ name

3)      Every cry of any shrine against me ,my family ,marriage ,ministry ,finances ,children ,job ,business and so on ,die out now by fire in Jesus Christ name.

4)      The covenant of the cross of Christ, arise by fire and let every dark covenant affecting my life die in Jesus Christ name.

5)      I invoke the power that rose Christ from the dead to manifest in my life now and resurrect me from every dead situations of my life in Jesus Christ name

6)      Strong men and women blocking my opportunities in life ,be exposed and disgraced in Jesus Christ name

7)      Pray for every member of this group, that God will take over every areas our lives completely to His glory and to the shame of the kingdom of darkness in Jesus Christ name

8)      Pray for Ministers and Ministries in this group ,that God will uphold us to uphold His name and integrity as God in our lives and ministries and let the fire of God pursue and disgrace every agents of darkness sent to bring us or our down in Jesus Christ name.

9)      Pray for this group and the founder. For Gods protection, nothing but the will of God will come to pass here in and with the group and in her life and ministry in Jesus Christ name,amen.
Thank you Lord for awsering us and opening us up everyday for and to your will for our lives in Jesus Christ name,amen. Have a super divine time out with our father as we seek His face in Jesus Christ name!

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