April 16th 2012

    "Go I am sending you"(Luke 10 v 3)

    Jesus sent His disciples out on a mission saying,"Do not take purse or bag...and do not greet anyone on the road"(Luke 10 v 4).Observe three things He emphasised:
    1) "Do not take a purse".No hoarding! God will bless the man or woman who says,'Every penny you give me above my needs,Lord I'll use to enable the spreading of the Gospel'. Imagine standing at the jugdement seat of Christ with your riches uninvested,your assignment unfulfilled,and your sphere of influence unreached for Christ. Imagine the beloved you couldn't and didn't attend to because they were not from 'your' Church or had no tithe card or good tithes coming! The Churches,Ministries,ministers or the beloved you looked at and saw the needs in their lives and because they are not from 'your' Church,you moved on. Oh sent of Christ! What can you possibly say to Christ on the last day? He never gave us the names to idolize on but a body that was butchered for our sins. Let's live as one body not as the nations of the world classified under 3rd,2nd,1st world countries,oil rich and land rich struggling for a world leader post! We already have a leader...CHRIST OUR KING!
    2)"Do not take a...bag". No excess baggage! Gods Word says, let us strip off every weight that slows us down,especially the sin that so easily trips us up. And let us run with endurance the race God has set before us"(Hebrew 12 v 1). Whatever that can get your attention can influence you,and whatever can keep your attention can master you. Satan dreads the completion of our assignment,so we must fight to keep focus. Do not let those little foxes,'it dosent matter attitudes',thinking like the worl as you uphold those wordly thoughts with decieving ourselves that we have GRACE! So to the world it is sin but to you sin in grace.
    3)"Do not greet anyone on the road". Do not waste time ' social circulating'! Question any relationship that doesn't contribute to your destiny positively. Paul was single-minded on this issue: "...if any man obey not our word by this epistle,note that man,and have no company with him..."(2 Thessalonians 3 v 14). The hour is too late and the need too great. In the old days,in certain agricultural states in America,they closed the schools for a few weeks and everyone was sent into the fields to gather the harvest. Why? Because to wait is to be too late and the crops will be destroyed and all the time,money,pains and efforts put at it will be invain! You don't have to dress or talk like the world to be comfortable around the world or so you don't seem outdated... Its stylish and glorious to walk in power! Get some spiritual buttons turned on by the power of the Holy Ghost kingdom warrior and the world will want what you represent and the power you command because of whose we are that has sent us!

    1) Repent and ask God to forgive you in anyway you have gone contrary from the mission He snt you.
    2)Every weight of delay,carryover characters from the world hanging around and in me,your time is up! Be floushed out now by the fire of the Holy Ghost in Jesus Christ name.
    3)Oh God I have no power of my own, inject into me the ability to fulfil my mission on a daily basis in Jesus Christ name,amen