Daily Spring,April 17th 2012

April 17th 2012
"He always does what He says"(2Corinthians 1 v 19)
Ever had a friend break a promise? An engagement or agreement to take a leap together broken? The cheque that didnt not come,the repair man doesnt show up,your friend doesnt show up for that date? keep counting....people will let us down but God wont!. He always does exactly what He says." He...fulfils all...[His]promises" (2 Corinthians 1 v 19-20).
Knowing this enables us to keep walking by faith while we wait for them to be fulfiled' Sometimes not knowing how it will turn out or become,can be frustrating,causing us to worry,despair and evn give in to fear.If we knew how it was going to play out we would have bing better-off. In that health crisis....a question about marriage...a decision that neds to be taken in the ministry or at work...uncertainty over a child...we all have areas we need to hold on to what God said...He knows what He promised us,He cant lie,and He can't forget.He will surely deliver on time.Who else can make promises like that?
The Lord God is calling us to look unto Him in these days of the trials of our faith in our everyday life. He will come through to us no matter how hard and difficult that challenge is....God will surely break through! Psalm 23 tells us "The Lord is our Shephered" and then all that should happen to us. Lets just sit back and trust Him to take us where He has prepared for us in Christ. Its a decision we need to take and act on.
1) Repent of all th times you wanted to quit or you even walked out on it all and ask God to forgive and heal you of the pains the enemy has caused you on the process.
2)You spirit of acting on impulse and impatience,lose your hold upon my life physically and spiritually in Jesus Christ name.
3)I recieve Oh Lord the manifestation of your will upon my life,ministry,marriage,family,finances,Job,business,relationships in Jesus Christ name,amen.

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