April 10th 2012


"...I will praise you more and more" (Psalm 71 v 14)

Never limit yourself to worshipping God only in Church. Rather be like the Psalmist: "I will bless the Lord at all times..."(Psalm 34 v 1). When you don't feel like praising God but you do it because you want to please Him,that's called "...the sacrifice of praise..." (Hebrew 13 v 15). And when praise becomes a life style,it has a domino effect(thats when one change causes another,which inturn causes another). when we tell God how wonderful He is,how much we love Him and want to spend time with Him,we are more likely to find people telling us how much they love and appriciate us and enjoy being around us...every seed we sow,we reap!On the other hand,when we with hold from God the praise He deserves,we deprive ourselves the joy and contentment we so desire in our own lives.

God inhabits (occupies,sets up house in) the praises of His people(Psalm 22 v 3).When we praise God,He sends His angels to fight and win battles on our behalf. David praised God more and more and it work! God backed up this message today with what He did for me today and I will praise Him for the rest of my life and so will you in Jeesus Christ name,Amen


1)Repent and ask God to forgive you for the times challenges and its horrible effects took over the praises you would have given Him.

2) Oh God I rededicate my life to praiseing you all the days of my life in Jesus Christ name.

3)As I praise you Oh God,conquer all my enemies for me and break and destroy every door that has being locked against me and give me victory in Jesus Christ name,amen.

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