Daily Spring,April 14th 2012

"...it is time to seek the Lord..." (Hosea 10 v 12)
The place of prayer is where you meet with God to be instructed,corrected,cleansed,loved,built up and prepared to do his will. It can be anywhere,buy it must be somewhere! It can be anytime,but must be a set time.without prayer,what do you have to draw on! You will work harder and harder and achive less and less because you are operating in you own strenght.
But after you've prayed you will struggle and accomplish more because you are operating in God's strenght. If you are spending hours watching television but don't have time to pray, ' it time to seek the lord.' If you're leaving comfortably with sins that once troubled you,' it is time to seek the lord.' If you are speaking words of bitterness towards someone who hurt you.' It is time to seek the lord.
If having material things consumes so much of your energy there's none left for God and your family,' it time to seek the lord.'The new testament chruch grew so fast that the Apostles had no time to pray. So they said,'..." It is not right ...'(Acts 6). That's where you must start! If you have foresaken the place of prayer it will show up in your attitudes and actions. What did the apostles do? They said,'....we will ourselves continually to prayer...'(Acts 6:4).
And look what happened; '... The word of God increased; and the number of the disciples multiplied...'(Acts 6:7). If you have gotten this far with little prayer,inconsistent prayer, or no prayer,think how far you'll go when you begin to pray.


1) Repent of a prayer life you have hat doesnt gloryfy God and ask Him to put you back into shape
2)Powers drying up my prayer life be consumed by the power of God now in Jesus Christ name.
3) I will be who God has made me to be for Him in Jesus Christ name,amen.

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